Appealing a Disability Case?

Our Las Vegas Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help

Social Security BookIf the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your disability benefits, you have a right to appeal the denial of your claim. Seek the assistance of Gerald M. Welt, an experienced Las Vegas Social Security Disability attorney. It does not cost you anything to meet with Mr. Welt. Attorney’s fees are structured and capped by the government, so your attorney only receives payment if you win your case. In many cases, with the help of counsel, you will be successful and receive the benefits you deserve.


When you seek legal counsel to represent you in your appeal, the lawyer will analyze the facts of your case, determine why the Social Security Administration denied your claim, contact your physicians, interview any witnesses and create a strategy to help you win your appeal. The laws are complicated and ever-changing. Experienced legal counsel can guide you through the process.

What Are the Chances of Winning My Appeal?

The SSA denies most initial claims for Las Vegas Social Security Disability benefits. Many times during an initial review, the SSA does not properly take into consideration certain elements of a case, does not conduct a thorough review of medical conditions or misinterprets the defining regulations. When it denies your benefits, you have the right to reconsideration, which is a written appeal. Most reconsiderations are denied. If you are denied reconsideration, then the next appeal is a formal disability hearing in front of a federal Administrative Law Judge. Using the experienced and successful staff of Welt Law can increase your chances of a favorable decision.

Contact the Las Vegas Social Security Disability attorney at Welt Law for help with your Social Security Disability benefits claim.

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