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Welt Law Can Help You Receive Disability Benefits

When you are disabled due to accident, injury or disease, your personal resources should be spent helping you heal and helping your family come to terms with your disabilities. However, the government agencies and insurance companies that control your Social Security Disability claims are often frustrating, draining your already depleted resources. There are forms to be filled out and filed, there is information to be gathered from your employer, and medical records to request from your treating physicians and hospitals. And there are laws and regulations that must be followed, and those are ever-changing. Because accuracy and deadlines are important, it is imperative that if you think you will be out of work due to illness, injury or disability for at least 12 months, and you wish to file for Social Security Disability, you should have Welt Law fill out your initial application form as soon as possible. If there are mistakes on your form,…
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Social Security Is Not a Handout

In 1956 the 102 Congressional Record 15 reads: “Social Security is not a handout; it is not charity, it is not relief.  It is an earned right based upon the contributions and earnings of the individual.  As an earned right, the individual is eligible to receive his benefits in dignity and self-respect.” We all pay into FICA Taxes for Social Security so that disability benefits will be there if and when we need them. The Social Security Administration is not in the business of giving hand-outs. Instead, it does its best to ensure that the system is used only for what it was designed:  An earned right that an individual is eligible to receive in dignity and self-respect.  But you have to meet the guidelines and those are often complicated and ever-changing. If you have been or will be out of work for more than 12 months, or if you have…
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Why Was Their Disability Claim Approved and Mine Wasn’t?

Disability representatives try to help many clients with claims that often take a long time to process. This process can be disheartening, and it can get frustrating when someone else who doesn’t seem disabled gets approval. As people who help others with disability claims, we hear these frustrations a lot, but these instances aren’t always as they seem. Why Invisible Disabilities Can Frustrate Other Disability Claimants Disability claimants who are stuck in the approval process often approach their representatives with stories about their neighbors In these stories, claimants argue that their neighbors were approved for benefits, despite having nothing wrong with them. Though this may be what the situation looks like from the outside, nothing could be further from the truth. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. As a matter of fact, the administration is so thorough about preventing fraud that the…
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What Are the Different Types of Guardianship Available in Nevada?

Depending on different life circumstances, a court may want to appoint a legal guardian to take on the duty of making life decisions for an individual or estate. This doesn’t just occur to elderly people who can no longer care for themselves, but it can also happen if a child or younger adult develops a serious disability. Guardianships can also help provide authority for decisions based on someone’s estate or medical necessities. There are a few types of guardianships that are recognized in Nevada that will a family categorize their situation better. What Are the Four Types of Guardianships in Nevada? The most common types of guardianships in the state of Nevada are: Guardian of the person: A person’s guardian is responsible for maintenance, proper care, education and general support of the person. This type of guardian is responsible for medical and personal decisions only. Guardian of the estate: Estate only…
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Are You Sick and Waiting on Your Disability Checks? Our Disability Attorneys Can Help

Many people around the country rely on the deferral government’s disability checks when they fall ill. Oftentimes, someone might become too sick to work at their job, and they will have to rely on some sort of external income to be able to financially survive. However, people who are too ill to work have been waiting more than two years to receive their first disability check. Waiting for your disability check can be a frustrating and discouraging time, but our disability attorneys can give you more information on why these wait times are so long. Why Are the Wait Times So Long? Disability checks are often the primary source of income for people with cancer, mental illness, or other chronic mental conditions that can reduce once-healthy and productive employees to reliance or poverty. These checks are also pretty insufficient; they average about $1,060 each month. This could all be a…
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