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Understanding Social Security Disability Claim Denials

By Gerald M. Welt, Esq. Let Welt Law help you with your Social Security disability claim. Make your claim stand out by having your medical records accurately reflect your diagnosis, prognosis, and importantly, your functional limitations. Do you believe that YOUR claim is different than all the others that have been denied? So did they! Over 70% of SSDI claims are denied initially. Another 30-40% are denied after an appeal hearing. To Social Security and its examiners, your claim is…
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Welt Law Can Help You Receive Disability Benefits

When you are disabled due to accident, injury or disease, your personal resources should be spent helping you heal and helping your family come to terms with your disabilities. However, the government agencies and insurance companies that control your Social Security Disability claims are often frustrating, draining your already depleted resources. There are forms to be filled out and filed, there is information to be gathered from your employer, and medical records to request from your treating physicians and hospitals. And there…
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Social Security Is Not a Handout

In 1956 the 102 Congressional Record 15 reads: “Social Security is not a handout; it is not charity, it is not relief.  It is an earned right based upon the contributions and earnings of the individual.  As an earned right, the individual is eligible to receive his benefits in dignity and self-respect.” We all pay into FICA Taxes for Social Security so that disability benefits will be there if and when we need them. The Social Security Administration is not in…
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