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Sometimes, the court may appoint a legal guardian to take on the responsibility of making decisions for an individual or an estate. This can happen if an elderly person is no longer capable of caring for him or herself or if a child with a severe disability has become an adult. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, the guardian may have the authority to make decisions about an individual’s estate, or personal and medical needs. Are you seeking guardianship of a relative or loved one? Then you should always consult an experienced Nevada guardianship lawyer.

Tiffany Welt Doctors provides legal guidance on guardianship for those in need of protecting the rights of individuals or estates of family members who are not able to make decisions for themselves. As a Nevada guardianship attorney, she advises clients in and around Las Vegas, and throughout the entire state.

What Is Guardianship and When Is It Necessary?

Under ordinary circumstances, adults have the right to make decisions for themselves. However, if an adult is unable to make these decisions, the court can appoint a guardian to take on these legal responsibilities.

There are different types of guardianship, depending on the circumstances. First, Guardianship of the Person authorizes and obligates you to provide the proper care, maintenance, education and support of an individual who is not able to care for themselves. This means the guardian is responsible for personal and medical decisions only. However, these arrangements can become quite complicated and are protected by the Nevada Revised Statutes.

Also outlined in the Nevada Revised Statutes are responsibilities for the Guardian of the Estate. This explains who has the responsibility to protect, preserve, manage and dispose of the estate in the individual’s best interest. This type of guardian is responsible for financial decisions only.

Finally, while a legal guardian is often a relative of the protected person, this is not always the case. The court can appoint anyone to be a legal guardian as long as he or she meets certain minimum requirements.

What Is Temporary Guardianship?

Nevada law also has provisions for Temporary Guardianship. In these cases, a judge may grant an emergency order. This happens if an individual faces a substantial and immediate risk of financial loss or physical harm. It may also occur if an individual needs immediate medical attention and lacks the capacity to respond to the risk of loss or harm or to obtain the necessary medical attention.

What happens if the protected person still needs a guardian after the temporary guardianship expires? Then, you may enter into another temporary guardianship arrangement or file for permanent guardianship.

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