Las Vegas Workers Compensation Attorney Will Fight for Your Benefits

If you are denied workers compensation, a Las Vegas workers compensation attorney can help evaluate your case, assist you with the process & file an appeal.

Las Vegas workers compensation attorney Gerald M. Welt has seen how devastating life can be for injured workers and their families following an on-the-job accident or injury. He knows that in many instances, workers compensation benefits represent the last realistic opportunity for injury victims and their families to turn their lives back around following a catastrophic workplace injury. Unfortunately, for those seeking relief through workers’ compensation, there is little about the process that is simple. In the majority of cases, injured workers or the families of fatal on-the-job accident victims have never been in this situation before.

Since 1973, Las Vegas workers comp lawyer Gerald M. Welt has been helping workplace injury victims and the families of the victims of fatal on-the-job accidents to recover the financial assistance they need. Attorney Welt is a trusted advocate who will help them avoid making the errors that those who are going through the workers’ compensation process for the first time often commit. Do not risk losing out on a chance to get the help you need now and secure your family’s financial future. It costs you nothing to speak with Attorney Welt about your situation and find out what your rights and options are, so you can make informed decisions moving forward.

In the free, no obligation consultation, not only will Attorney Welt review the workers comp process with you, but he will also review your case to see if you have any additional recourse, including third party claims. This will ensure you receive the maximum amount of benefits and damages to which you are entitled.

Filing for Workers Compensation in Nevada Is Time Sensitive

In Nevada, injured workers and their families often have many workers comp questions, most notably, what the process to collect workers’ comp involves. Filing for workmans comp includes many immediate and time sensitive deadlines. Seek medical immediate assistance for your injuries and let your doctor know that your injuries occurred at work. Have your physician fill out Form C-4 (also known as Employee’s Claim for Compensation or Report of Initial Treatment) and then call Welt Law at (702) 382-2030. Submitting Form C-4 officially begins the workers’ compensation process. Again, pay attention to the immediate and time sensitive deadlines.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Las Vegas Workers Compensation Attorney

Whether you have questions about filing for workers’ compensation, appealing a workers’ comp denial or pursuing third party claims, call Welt Law at (702) 382-2030 immediately following your accident.