Las Vegas Workers Comp Attorney Assists Those Wrongfully Denied Benefits

Social Security Claim DenialDevastating injuries that occur at work can cause serious damage, and workers compensation aids victims of these on-the-job accidents. However, workers compensation claims may receive benefit denials for a number of reasons, leaving injured workers with costly medical expenses and unpaid household bills.

When a company unjustly deprives an employee of their due compensation, the employee can appeal a wrongful denial of their workers compensation claim. Las Vegas workers comp attorney Gerald Welt has assisted many employees in appealing workers’ compensation denials, and can guide you through the process. He can answer any workers comp questions you have during his free consultation. You have a limited amount of days to appeal, so you need to move quickly.

The Workers’ Compensation Benefits Denial Appeal Process

A Nevada employee may initially contact the insurance company or self-insured employer to find out why they did not receive workers compensation. Insurers may deny workers’ compensation for any number of reasons, including preexisting conditions, injuries that did not occur on the job or injuries that did not disable the employee. Suspicions of these or similar circumstances may lead an insurer to deny employees workers compensation benefits.

If your claim is denied, a formal appeal may be necessary. The formal appeal must take place in a specific amount of days before the right to appeal is lost. Let us help prepare the Hearing Request Form and help you to submit it to the Hearings Division in a timely manner.

Injured employees may also receive a permanent partial disability award based on the percentage of their age and income and degree of disability. It is important for injured workers to seek the assistance of a medical professional to assess their injuries in addition to a Las Vegas workers compensation attorney who will provide support and guidance for their case.

Your Best Chance of Appealing to Get Your Workers Compensation Benefits

If you sustained injuries at work and an insurer denied your benefits, put Nevada workers compensation laws to work for you with the help of our Las Vegas workers compensation attorney. We offer free consultations, and can advise you regarding your ability to pursue an appeal. You can contact Welt Law by calling (702) 382-2030 today.