Las Vegas Workers Comp Lawyer Assists with On the Job Injuries

Las Vegas workers comp lawyer Gerald Welt works with injured employees in a third party claim to maximize compensation for any injuries suffered on the job.

Although many employees receive workers compensation benefits from their employers for work accidents, other parties may also be at fault. A third party, such as an individual or company other than an employee’s co-workers or employer, can also cause work accidents. Those injured by a negligent third party have the right to receive compensation beyond what workers compensation can provide.

Las Vegas workers comp lawyer Gerald Welt works with injured employees to ensure they receive the maximum amount of compensation for any work injuries. If you sustained injuries in a workplace accident, call Welt Law at (702) 382-2030. We will review your case and help you decide how to proceed with a workers compensation claim. Additionally, we can help you investigate if a third party claim is in your best interest.

When a Third Party Claim May Apply

Injured employees receive workers compensation benefits if they are hurt on the job. Receiving workers’ compensation prevents most employee lawsuits against their employers and co-workers. However, if a third party’s negligent actions or defective product causes you harm, you may receive additional compensation from the third party.

This compensation typically does not prohibit employees from also receiving workers compensation benefits. Employees can obtain compensation from a lawsuit in addition to workers’ compensation. However, an employer may receive some of the settlement or verdict compensation as a reimbursement for workers’ compensation.

Why Third Party Actions May Be Necessary

Unlike workers compensation, you base a third party claim on the common law of negligence against the third-party individual or company that caused your injuries. Whereas workers’ compensation alleviates some of the injured employee’s medical expenses, a third-party suit may cover all of your medical expenses. In addition, it can provide compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering. Thus, the benefits for an individual who gains compensation from a third party will likely be greater than the benefits from workers’ compensation alone.

How to Get the Most Compensation for Work-Related Injuries

Third-party actions are complex. Failing to manage the third-party claim in addition to workers’ compensation may cause an employee to lose the opportunity to secure the greatest amount of compensation available to them under the law. Cases that deal with both workers’ compensation and third-party injuries require knowledgeable legal assistance.

Our Las Vegas workers comp attorney has experience and knowledge of Nevada workers compensation laws. Thus, they are able to take legal action against a third party. We will work aggressively on your behalf so that you can focus on recovering from your workplace injuries. After a work accident, if you think a third party may be at least partially responsible, contact Welt Law. We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your case.