A Las Vegas workers comp lawyer can help you receive the benefits you need, even ones you don't know you are eligible for, as well as help with appeals.

On-the-job injuries and illnesses often require hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy and time off work. Unfortunately, employers are sometimes reluctant to provide coverage to the injured workers who really need it. An attorney experienced in handling workers compensation matters can help you receive the benefits you need, even ones you did not know you were eligible for. Because of this, our Las Vegas workers comp lawyer offers you a free consultation. We can discuss the cause of your injuries, as well as potential compensation options. Our law firm can then help you file a workers compensation claim, appeal a denial and explain third party claims. There is no charge for the first consultation.

Workers Comp Help from the Beginning

The workers compensation process overwhelms and intimidates many injured workers. When you consult an attorney as soon as your injury takes place, he or she can make sure that you start the process with a strong claim.

It is important to file the claim within the time limit. Thus, we recommend that you file your claim as soon as the on-the-job injury happens or as soon as you know it is an occupational disease.

Important Guidance for a Complicated Benefits Process

Much like the process for obtaining Social Security Disability benefits, the process for filing a workers compensation claim involves many strict deadlines. These can affect whether you obtain workers compensation benefits and how much you receive. You also need information from your employer and a physician about your injury. We know the Nevada workers compensation laws, the dates, the regulations and the policies that you need to know to receive your benefits.

In addition, after filing your claim, there is another set of rules to follow if your employer refuses to comply. We can help you decide which forms you need.

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