Are You Sick and Waiting on Your Disability Checks? Our Disability Attorneys Can Help

Many people around the country rely on the deferral government’s disability checks when they fall ill. Oftentimes, someone might become too sick to work at their job, and they will have to rely on some sort of external income to be able to financially survive. However, people who are too ill to work have been waiting more than two years to receive their first disability check. Waiting for your disability check can be a frustrating and discouraging time, but our disability attorneys can give you more information on why these wait times are so long.

Why Are the Wait Times So Long?

Disability checks are often the primary source of income for people with cancer, mental illness, or other chronic mental conditions that can reduce once-healthy and productive employees to reliance or poverty. These checks are also pretty insufficient; they average about $1,060 each month. This could all be a result of the largely growing demand for disability payments recently, as the Baby Boomer generation is reaching old age and, therefore, suffering through health issues. Nationwide, the number of people waiting for their disability checks is over one million, with many claims still in administrative limbo.

How Can a Disability Attorney Help?

Across the nation, there have been several appeals cases in each state relating to denied or delayed disability payments. This appeals process adds even more time to the waiting game for many people who desperately need these disability benefits to help them through their illness. Only 47 percent of disability claims are actually approved, while 53 percent of cases that these administrative law judges hear are denied. Our Las Vegas disability attorneys, thankfully, can help you avoid some common traps that could lead to a denial, and we will help you throughout the entire disability application process, so you can get the best overall results.

If you are waiting on your disability check and you would like more information on your appeal process, contact Welt Law today so our law firm can assist you.