What Are the Different Types of Guardianship Available in Nevada?

Depending on different life circumstances, a court may want to appoint a legal guardian to take on the duty of making life decisions for an individual or estate. This doesn’t just occur to elderly people who can no longer care for themselves, but it can also happen if a child or younger adult develops a serious disability. Guardianships can also help provide authority for decisions based on someone’s estate or medical necessities. There are a few types of guardianships that are recognized in Nevada that will a family categorize their situation better.

What Are the Four Types of Guardianships in Nevada?

The most common types of guardianships in the state of Nevada are:

  1. Guardian of the person: A person’s guardian is responsible for maintenance, proper care, education and general support of the person. This type of guardian is responsible for medical and personal decisions only.
  2. Guardian of the estate: Estate only guardians carry the responsibility of preserving, managing, protecting and disposing of the estate in the person’s wishes and best interests. This type of guardian is responsible for financial decisions only. The specifics of the legal duties are outlined in Nevada state law. They include the sale of the individual’s property, income management, annual account filings, closing any financial accounts and selling any existing stock.
  3. Guardian of person and estate: If you are appointed a guardian of the Person and the Estate, then you are responsible for financial, medical and life decisions for the individual.
  4. Temporary guardian: A judge can also grant an emergency order of temporary guardianship when a petitioner can prove that the individual is at risk for financial or physical loss or the individual has no capacity to respond to the risk of loss or harm.

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