Nurse Checking on an Elderly Lady with a Disability

Welt Law Can Help You Receive Disability Benefits

When you are disabled due to accident, injury or disease, your personal resources should be spent helping you heal and helping your family come to terms with your disabilities. However, the government agencies and insurance companies that control your Social Security Disability claims are often frustrating, draining your already depleted resources. There are forms to be filled out and filed, there is information to be gathered from your employer, and medical records to request from your treating physicians and hospitals. And there are laws and regulations that must be followed, and those are ever-changing.

Because accuracy and deadlines are important, it is imperative that if you think you will be out of work due to illness, injury or disability for at least 12 months, and you wish to file for Social Security Disability, you should have Welt Law fill out your initial application form as soon as possible. If there are mistakes on your form, it will be kicked back to you to start over, or worse, you could be denied the benefits you deserve because of a typo or an error in the collection of data. So often our clients share with us that the Social Security Administration (SSA) employees provided guidance and advice, but quite often that information is incorrect or does not apply to your particular situation. This could also cost you time and money. And it does not cost any money to visit Welt Law. Call us at (702) 842-0901 to find out if we can help you. Set up an appointment. Keep your appointment and bring all of your documentation. We will get you started and follow through. Our fees are based on past due benefits that are awarded to you and paid to us directly from Social Security Disability. You do not pay us for consultation. You do not pay us by the hour. We get paid when you receive your benefits.

If you have been or think you will be out of work due to illness, injury or disability, contact us to file your initial application with the Social Security Disability Administration. Let us help you get started on the process today.