Person Sitting in a Wheel Chair

Social Security Is Not a Handout

In 1956 the 102 Congressional Record 15 reads:

"Social Security is not a handout; it is not charity, it is not relief.  It is an earned right based upon the contributions and earnings of the individual.  As an earned right, the individual is eligible to receive his benefits in dignity and self-respect."

We all pay into FICA Taxes for Social Security so that disability benefits will be there if and when we need them. The Social Security Administration is not in the business of giving hand-outs. Instead, it does its best to ensure that the system is used only for what it was designed:  An earned right that an individual is eligible to receive in dignity and self-respect.  But you have to meet the guidelines and those are often complicated and ever-changing.

If you have been or will be out of work for more than 12 months, or if you have already been denied benefits, please contact our offices at (702) 842-0901 so we can help you through the process so that you may receive the rights you deserve.