Why Was Their Disability Claim Approved and Mine Wasn’t?

Disability representatives try to help many clients with claims that often take a long time to process. This process can be disheartening, and it can get frustrating when someone else who doesn’t seem disabled gets approval. As people who help others with disability claims, we hear these frustrations a lot, but these instances aren’t always as they seem.

Why Invisible Disabilities Can Frustrate Other Disability Claimants

Disability claimants who are stuck in the approval process often approach their representatives with stories about their neighbors In these stories, claimants argue that their neighbors were approved for benefits, despite having nothing wrong with them. Though this may be what the situation looks like from the outside, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. As a matter of fact, the administration is so thorough about preventing fraud that the incidence rate is less than one percent. This means it is pretty unlikely that your neighbor was approved without having a qualifying condition.

As someone going through the process of approval, you know that you need lots of medical records to prove your condition for the SSA. It is no different for your neighbor. However, the condition that your neighbor has could leave the impression that they are not disabled.

Some seizure disorders can manifest infrequently but often enough to prevent working. Some disorders also strike randomly, sometimes paralyzing an individual or causing them debilitating fatigue. Diseases like this can often leave a person with the appearance of being able-bodied, yet it prevents them from safely working. In that same fashion, mental impairments can also be invisible to the outside observer.

Due to the evidence required, it is hard for a person to simply fake a disability and get approval. Those who get approval without appearing to have a disability usually have one of these invisible disabilities. That makes it important to remember that you don’t always know the full story about your neighbor’s disability claim. However, getting your claim right could help you reduce your wait time. For assistance in getting your disability claim right, don’t be afraid to call the Social Security disability attorneys at Welt Law at (702) 842-0901.